Which finger to bling – middle, index, or mid-knuckle?

FullSizeRenderGrowing up I never saw the women in my family wear rings beyond their ring or pinky fingers. And never across all five, heavens that was a fashion faux pas of no return, oh the horrors! Today thankfully rings are worn based on your style and what fits you. My two favorite fingers for rings are the index and middle finger. The index for the big statement ring – the piece that needs nothing else on the hand or wrist to stand out or it’s a ring so large that the look would be over done with other rings next to it. With the middle finger, my favorite is what I call knuckle-dusting rings they start from the base of the finger and extend to the knuckle, either solid or open work. I have a diamond pave circle ring that I wear every day and receive many compliments – it’s a timeless and big look at a very reasonable price: http://www.gemlily.com/product-details.php?ID=175
The mid-knuckle ring is a look that has been catching my eye and one I’ve yet to try for myself – though I have a great, great grandmothers wedding band that would work nicely.
Would love to see your favorite rings on your favorite finger – share pictures in the comments section on GemLily’s Facebook page.

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