10 Days Till The Jewels Are Back! The Crown Countdown

Having stumbled upon Nextflix’s The Crown during its final episodes of season three, I was lured in by the Jewelry and, of course, the story, but the Jewelry had me. So, to the internet, I went in search of the show costume designer(s) to uncover any mention of how the Jewelry was created. Quite a few articles later, I learned the show had three costume designers with Amy Roberts covering season 3 and upcoming season 4 to air November 15th. Most of the articles covered the period’s styles and fabrics, with commentary on the Royals’ personal styles. Ultimately, I found an article originally published in the Daily Beast in 2017. Interviewing the owners of Juliette Designs, a London-based company specializing, since the 1980s, in reproductions of the British Crown Jewels down to their minute details for film, stage, and even traveling exhibitions. The Crown Jewels cannot ever leave England’s shores as established by an act of Parliament. So if you’re looking for a brooch, statement necklace, or tiara to keep them guessing, look no further. Juliette Designs offers rentals and purchasing of their replica’s through their websites www.royalexhibitions.co.uk and www.stagejewellery.com  

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