Help for Ring Spin

Tis the season for engagements and receiving a ring that may not sit on your finger where you want it.  Many of us have hands where our knuckle is a quarter to half size larger than the base of our finger, causing a ring to either be too tight to clear the knuckle or too large at the base. 

Past solutions to this problem have been to either add an expandable shank (shank is the trade term for the band part of the ring that encircles your finger), limiting any decorative embellishments or diamonds along the side of the band. Or adding metal ring guards (a thin 1mm wide metal strip to the bottom of the band) a temporary solution as the metal strip over time loses its memory (the ability for metal to keep its shape, particularly gold due to its malleability).

Other options for ring spin are speed bumps or a tension spring. A tension spring, also known as a horseshoe, is a u-shaped piece of gold metal soldered inside the ring base. A good solution for rings with wide bands and fingers with significant fluctuation in size due to swelling knuckles and finger sizes. The U shape flexes in or out depending on size.

Speed Bumps are bumps or beads of metal, soldered and smoothed inside the ring band’s bottom.  The speed bumps “grip” the underside of the finger, helping the ring sit upright more securely. Since the speed bumps sit in the finger’s soft tissue, they are unnoticeable once the ring is on. This option is useful where there is a small difference between the knuckle and finger base, or the ring cannot be sized down.

So what to do if you have a thin band ring and none of the above are an option? Enter the Eternal Connections© Ring Clip and Attachment components, a system invented by Jeff, a GIA graduate jeweler, and designer from Overland Park, Kansas. The system can accommodate changes in size from 0 to 1 with the Low Sizing attachment or 1 to 2 sizes with the High Sizing Attachment. An experienced bench jeweler can attach and file for a custom fit. Watch how it works here:

I am about to use this system for an engagement client with a thin band ring whose knuckle is a ¼ size larger, and she wants to keep the look of her ring. I look forward to sharing the results with you, and I would be happy to help with any ring sizing challenges you have.



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