Romance sparks over a game of “42” at Dixie Chicken, Elizabeth & Seth’s Story

How we met: Elizabeth

It was my junior year at Texas A&M, my roommate at the time had invited me to go out with her and her cousin’s boyfriend to the Dixie Chicken. When we arrived, we headed to a table full of her cousin’s buddies, which included Seth. The evening consisted of the guys teaching me how to play 42, a staple of A&M games. Seth was so good to talk to and so patient with my terrible domino skills. I could tell he was a special guy, one who valued A&M and the core values as I did. He was a handsome gentleman who I wanted to get to know a lot more. Needless to say, there were many more 42 dates in the future.

Favorite memory: Elizabeth

To start this story it is important to note that Seth LOVES to cook, striving for perfection in every meal. He had promised to make his famous chicken tenders for me one night that I was visiting him. He began by making my favorite snack of homemade potato chips. While he was hard at work cooking up the chicken I was snacking away on the chips. When the time came to set the table I asked him “where is the ranch?” this being my go to chicken tender dip. He told me there wasn’t any, which I of course said was ok, nothing to worry about. But Seth, being the great guy he is took off across the house to grab his keys and wallet, my mediocre attempts to stop him were thwarted when he pushed a chair in my path and took off out the front door and into the car. He came back 10 minutes later, Ranch in hand, biggest smile on his face. He will do anything to make me happy which is worth everything to me. Not to mention how can you not love a man who can cook!

How we met: Seth

 As a young sophomore on the shooting team at Texas A&M, I often would go out to the Dixie Chicken to play 42 and ensure my upperclassmen didn’t get into ‘too’ much trouble. It was on one of these nights shortly before the end of the spring semester that I was invited out to the Chicken with my friend Bryan, his fiancé’s cousin Mary, and some of her roommates. As luck would have it, Elizabeth was one of these roommates. We taught them how to play 42 and played a round or two of pool. Elizabeth was stunning and exuded the quiet strength and confidence that I love so very much about her. Though we didn’t start dating for another several months, it was the start of a truly beautiful friendship that led to an amazing relationship.

Favorite Memory: Seth

 After Elizabeth graduated from Texas A&M, she remained in College Station over the summer to work and prepare for her first year of Veterinary School. I was taking summer courses and we spent nearly every afternoon together. Our favorite things to do were to sample new flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream and Shiner Beer. So one Saturday, we decided to go on a little road trip. We piled into my car and drove the short distance to Brenham to visit the Blue Bell creamery. We toured, ate ice cream, and took pictures before getting back in the car and driving the much longer drive to Shiner, Tx to make it in time for the last brewery tour of the day. We enjoyed an awesome tour as well as a flight of hard to find flavors and purchased more than we’d like to admit from their gift shop before relaxing on the lawn. It was a beautiful South Texas day and there was not a cloud in the sky. Elizabeth was asleep for most of the drive back to College Station, but I was so deliriously happy, I had found an adventure buddy that I wanted.

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