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Reasons why women don’t buy more fine Jewelry, lets change that!

Reading a recent article in a jewelry industry newsletter on why women don’t buy fine jewelry, it states the reasons are not enough color options and too many retailers are selling to men not women. Study was done May 1-5, … Read More »

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Which finger to bling – middle, index, or mid-knuckle?

Growing up I never saw the women in my family wear rings beyond their ring or pinky fingers. And never across all five, heavens that was a fashion faux pas of no return, oh the horrors! Today thankfully rings are … Read More »

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Jewelry Lover’s resource

Where can a jewelry lover go to find unique pieces that will speak to her style and taste? Welcome to GemLily.com – a site created by women passionate about jewelry and frustrated with the sameness of pieces they see in … Read More »

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