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Romance sparks over a game of “42” at Dixie Chicken, Elizabeth & Seth’s Story

How we met: Elizabeth It was my junior year at Texas A&M, my roommate at the time had invited me to go out with her and her cousin’s boyfriend to the Dixie Chicken. When we arrived, we headed to a … Read More »

Family Cabins at Lake Texoma to “you know when you know” Gracie and Cole’s story

One of my favorite activities as a jeweler that brings me great joy is working with people to create or find the “ring” to celebrate their love and engagement with the added benefit of getting to know them and their … Read More »

Help for Ring Spin

Tis the season for engagements and receiving a ring that may not sit on your finger where you want it.  Many of us have hands where our knuckle is a quarter to half size larger than the base of our … Read More »

Discovered in Highlands N.C. Jewelry for your must-have list!

For now, your next birthday and any occasion. Jannie Bean is a master jewelry artisan, and her pieces show it, displayed with the eye of a connoisseur in her Highlands N.C. gallery. Recommended by our Highlands host, I stopped in … Read More »

10 Days Till The Jewels Are Back! The Crown Countdown

Having stumbled upon Nextflix’s The Crown during its final episodes of season three, I was lured in by the Jewelry and, of course, the story, but the Jewelry had me. So, to the internet, I went in search of the … Read More »

Pear Shape Diamonds, Classic and Unique

Thinking about an engagement ring? Or restyling the one you have? Here are some quick and interesting facts about Pear shape diamonds. The Pear-shaped diamond takes it cue from both the Round brilliant and the Marquise cuts. It’s origins trace … Read More »

Flat Drawer Jewelry Storage

Voyeurism at its best! I’ve been binge-watching the new Netflix series “Get Organized with THE HOME EDIT”. And soo want to add jewelry care into the show! I’ve been cringing every time they show a tangled mess of jewelry pulled … Read More »

The best endorsement! A gathering of clients.

Valentine Trunk Show Sunday February 2, 2020

Celebrating GemLily’s silver jewelry collection now available at Lux Aesthetic MedSpa. We’re holding a special Valentine trunk show featuring select pieces from Raymond Mazza and Mastoloni. Please join us – all RSVP’s will receive a gift card to GemLily at … Read More »

Decisions, Platinum VS. White Gold…winner is?

Recently one of my soon-to-be Texas A&M brides, during a search for a wedding band for her fiancé, asked me about what type of band was best to purchase. She was torn between Platinum and White Gold. With Platinum hovering, … Read More »