Reasons why women don’t buy more fine Jewelry, lets change that!

Reading a recent article in a jewelry industry newsletter on why women don’t buy fine jewelry, it states the reasons are not enough color options and too many retailers are selling to men not women. Study was done May 1-5, 2017 and polled 1,056 women – up shot of the study is that the female-self purchase market for fine jewelry remains grossly underserved! While the market is growing due to the female acceptance of purchasing fine jewelry for themselves – the study shows that for the most part the traditional specialty jeweler is still selling to men – assuming they are making the major jewelry purchases and as an investment – hence why a majority of inventory options are diamonds and not colored stones or pieces with color.

Welcome your comments around your jewelry buying experiences, as the goal of GemLily is to help all women find pieces that have you asked, “where did you get that!” Another goal is creating an experience that is comfortable and engaging online and in person, recently opened a new retail location in Downtown McKinney TX. Your insights and feedback is key to creating this experience, and very appreciated.


Susanna Lione Rough Aqua Sea Life in 18K White Gold

Raymond Mazza Peach Morganite in Rose Gold


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