Three must do’s for smooth travel with your jewelry this Holiday Season

Whether you’re a jet-setter or a road-tripper, this holiday season here are 3 must do’s for bringing your favorite jewelry along for the trip.

1. Photograph your jewelry: Photograph all the jewelry you plan to take – particularly the fine jewelry pieces and sentimental ones. Today most cell phones have photo capabilities making it a snap as you pack. Should a piece get lost and is eventually found, you can use the photo to prove that it’s yours.
2. Pack your jewelry in plastic bags: 2 inch by 3 inch resealable plastic bags, found at craft stores in bulk are a great way to pack jewelry – they prevent scratching and tarnishing. Put each piece in its own bag, earrings too. This lets you quickly see everything that you’ve brought plus it’s less bulky to pack. With link chains be sure they are clasped and leave a little piece still out of the top –this will prevent knotting. And try not to store pearls in plastic bags for extended periods of time.
3. Check your coverage: for any pieces you would be heart broken to lose – make sure the insurance coverage is up to date or for pieces like an engagement ring or diamond stud earrings you saved for, consider a temporary swap with sterling silver and CZ’s for the trip. And there is the option to take your fine jewelry pieces for a vacation stay at your local jeweler for a prong check, any needed repairs and a cleaning. Their vault will keep your fine jewelry safe till you return.

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