The “Ring”…how it all came together.

Early last October on a Sunday afternoon I spoke with Austin for the first time. He is a vibrant young man, full of light and enthusiasm. Having graduated from Texas A&M last year and currently serving as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Austin wanted to propose to his A&M sweetheart Emily, prior to the Christmas Holiday during a gathering of friends.

While making a casual stop to try rings on for size, Austin came away with an initial vision for Emily’s ring. Through a series of emails, texts and a phone call or two, Austin and I started to refine the components he liked best into the design. His future fiancé, Emily has a ring size of 3 1/2, which needed to be taken into the design consideration, so the ring would be in proportion to her hand.  

By the Friday after Thanksgiving the outcome of our collaboration was a custom yellow gold engagement ring, highlighted with diamonds along the band, to be set with an oval diamond center stone. For the selection of the center diamond, it was a joy to meet Austin’s mom and grandmother who came along to see the finished ring and offer guidance that the center diamond would have the right amount of sparkle a gal would want.  All three have a great eye and Emily has a ring that hits the mark!

It has been a joy to bringing Austin’s vision together and a joy to share with you their engagement photos. An August 2019 wedding is planned.

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