Flat Drawer Jewelry Storage

Voyeurism at its best! I’ve been binge-watching the new Netflix series “Get Organized with THE HOME EDIT”. And soo want to add jewelry care into the show! I’ve been cringing every time they show a tangled mess of jewelry pulled from a closet shelf or dresser.

While most jewelry storage ideas found on the web feature ideas designed for interior aesthetics, the jewelry as decor method. They don’t really address the need for keeping pieces dry, dust-free, clean, and in working order. Over the year’s I’ve tried a good variety of storage systems and have found a flat-file drawer about 2 inches deep, such as those used by architects and artists, lined with faux suede as the best system for keeping my jewelry in tip-top shape and easily accessible. As a jewelry designer and matchmaker, I am also a jewelry collector mixing fine and costume. The goal for my collection is to wear the jewelry I collect and to do that seeing the pieces easily while keeping them stored is a bonus with a flat drawer system. While flat files designed for architect and artist drawings can end up being pricy, I found mine on Facebook’s marketplace. IKEA, Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond all have flat drawer storage options of various sizes that are under or close to $100 as shown in the picture.

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